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``Argan oil is an amazing beauty elixir for the whole body.
Discover why argan oil is referred to as ``liquid gold`` - Talal Benlahsen

Talal Benlahsen

To get 1 liter of argan oil we need:

7 trees
50 kg of fruit
12 hours of labor per worker


Born from the union of some people of good will, his priority is to promote the work of women of the region. Thirty of them work permanently in the workshop where we can follow the entire production process.

From the Argan tree to Argane oil:

The Argan tree is a specifically Moroccan. The “Argan Road” forms a loop from Marrakech via Essaouira, Taroudant, Tiznit, Tafraout, Goulimine, Agadir, back to Marrakesh.
This essence is a global reserve in Morocco, where it plays a very important socio-economic and environmental role.

Obtaining a liter of Argan oil requires 30 kgs of fresh almonds and about 10 working hours. Argan oil is extracted from the kernel not only food and diet but also widely used in traditional medicine and sought by the cosmetic industry for its beneficial substances.

Best-known product of the argan tree, it is manufactured in a very traditional way.

When the fruits are ripe (June-July) they are carefully stripped of their pulp.
The cores are broken with stones, then the almonds are dried in earthen vessels. They are then roasted in earthenware dishes heated on a low temperature.

Toasted almonds are cooled and ground in a traditional hand mill. The resulting paste is brown, it is kneaded by hand with warm water for a while.
To extract the oil, the dough is pressed with hands until it becomes tough. The oil thus obtained is allowed to stand, it becomes clear, its color is brownish and has a nutty flavor.

The cosmetic oil is produced in the same manner by skipping the roasting step.

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