Argan oil composition

Argan oil composition

Argan oil is famous for its unique chemical composition. Substances called sterols are essential for the skin, and in combination with oleic acid (omega-9) prevent the absorption of harmful cholesterol from the intestine into the bloodstream. The rest of the acids are needed to activate the body’s protective functions, maintain immunity and improve wound healing. The use of argan oil – in ensuring proper functioning of the cardiovascular system with the help of vitamin E.

In addition to its remarkable taste, argan oil also has such a value as a high content of vitamin E. Many oils contain that vitamin, but not everyone can boast of that amount. Oleic acid, which is also present in argan oil in impressive amounts, can reduce the level of bad cholesterol. And it is scientifically proven! Only two tablespoons of oil will reduce cholesterol levels to normal. This wonderful product will protect against liver diseases and poor digestion, it is able to neutralize free radicals and save the body from toxins and toxins. Argan oil protects the connective tissue, increases immunity and even reduces weight.

Unique properties of argan oil are explained by its chemical composition:

The oil consists of 80% unsaturated fatty acids, including about 35% linoleic acid, which is not produced in the body and can only be obtained from the outside.

Linoleic acid has a pronounced antioxidant effect, which makes the oil indispensable in the fight against premature aging of the skin.

The oil also contains rare sterols that are not found in any other oil and have anti-inflammatory properties. They remove inflammation and have desensitizing properties.

Unlike olive oil, the composition of argan oil is famous for its high content of “vitamins of youth” E, A, F, so it has a toning, regenerating and rejuvenating properties. The product is rich in tocopherols, polyphenols – natural antioxidants with anti-inflammatory effect.

Other, no less useful substances:
polyunsaturated fatty acids omega-6, omega-9, palmitic acid, stearic acid, ferrous acid; carotenoids; triterpene alcohols; natural antioxidant squalene.

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