Argan oil – liquid gold of Morocco!

Argan oil – liquid gold of Morocco!

Once we came across an article on the Internet devoted to various natural products that was contributed to our health and beauty. It was talked about the healing properties of oils. It was written by the girl, who had a chance to hear from her mother in her childhood about the liquid gold of Morocco – argan oil. When she was young, her mother lived in North Africa for several years, where she, an inexperienced person in cosmetics, learned about Argana oil. The scorching sun and sandstorms do not contribute to the health and youthfulness of the skin. However, the Moroccan women did not seem to have been affected by the sun or sand. They have been using Argana Butter since they were young.

Argan oil or Moroccan argan oil is one of the most valuable and rare existing oils. Argan oil is obtained from the fruits of the Argania tree (Iron Tree or Argania Spinosa), which grows in the southwest of Morocco, near the Atlas Mountains. Argana tree with thorny branches and abundant foliage has perfectly adapted to dry soil and high temperature, reaches 8-10 m in height and lives 150-200 years. The size of the fruit varies from almond nut to olive… There are about 2 millions of argan oils in the world, although only a few years ago it was on the verge of extinction, it was helped by the increased demand on argan oil. It is a pale yellow or yellow liquid with a characteristic smell that tastes like pumpkin seeds and is a valuable cosmetic product and an unrivalled cooking supplement. Thanks to its exceptional healing properties, argan oil is a unique component of many hair products from world manufacturers.

Imagine that the Berbers have been using this oil for thousands of years, and the whole world learned about its existence only in the 90s of the last century.

Goats adore the protein-rich leaves of Argania and eat them while climbing a tree. Berbers consider the tree sacred because it provides construction material, fuel and food for people and animals. Argan oil has been considered a healing elixir for the Moroccans for centuries. It was widely used both in medicine and cosmetology. It is a unique product that has no analogues. Even now, argan oil is used for soap production, treatment of burns and skin diseases, is a part of creams, masks, shampoos and balms. It is said that it is thanks to the regular use of argan oil that Moroccan women grow old very slowly and can keep their smooth young skin and beautiful hair for years to come. There is even a wedding custom, when the bride looks in a bowl of oil and prays that its beauty remains the same as in the reflection.

Argana oil is the most expensive oil in the world, comparable in price and value to black caviar. The fact is that the process of obtaining oil is very time-consuming. Depending on the season of 1 hectare, Argania can produce 200 kg of fruit, of which about 30 kg of nuclei are produced. From this amount, Berber women receive approximately 18 litres of oil. It takes 10 hours of manual work to get 1 liter of cosmetic oil from the 1st cold spin!

The Moroccan government very much appreciates the treasure it possesses and strives to preserve its uniqueness. Therefore, according to Moroccan legislation, the fruits of argan cannot be exported outside this country, so the real argan oil is produced in Morocco and exported worldwide.

Argan oil is an indispensable product that is known for its useful properties in all countries of the world, but not every woman of the fair sex can afford it.

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