How to use almond oil from stretch marks during pregnancy?

How to use almond oil from stretch marks during pregnancy?

Pregnancy is a sweet period of waiting for a baby to become pregnant. But at the same time it is a difficult time of anxiety for the baby. During pregnancy, it is necessary to strengthen the health of the body through special means. And it is not necessary to take medicines – it is best to turn to the riches of nature.

Tested means of pregnancy is almond oil – a unique treasure trove of useful substances and elements. How to use almond oil from stretch marks, as well as to preserve the beauty of the body – this will be discussed in the article.

Can pregnant women use almond oil?

Absolutely. Useful properties of the product must be used. After all, a rare drug will have such a wide range of action.

The use of almond oil during pregnancy effectively solves the following problems:

  • Thanks to the vitamins contained in the oil, it recovers dermis that has been damaged as a result of surgery or by the harmful effects of nature;
  • The saturation of fatty acids makes the product universal: it can be absorbed by any type of skin;
  • The oil prevents the appearance of new stretch marks, inflammation and acne formation, moisturizes the skin;
  • The use of the product in the process of massage has a powerful warming and anti-cellulite effect;
  • The oil eliminates skin irritation and strengthens its immunity;
  • The product promotes rich nutrition of the scalp, so the use of almond oil for hair has a beneficial effect on their appearance.

Almond oil can also be used inside. Such use will reduce acidity, improve digestion and purification of the body. Some experts even recommend its use in cases of headache and insomnia.

How to use almond oil during pregnancy?

As with linseed oil during pregnancy, almond oil can be used both externally and internally during this exciting period. It is worth checking the body for allergies before use. It is very easy to do: just apply a few drops of oil to your wrist and see if you have an allergic reaction – redness. If not, you can safely use the product.

Benefits of almond oil for the body during pregnancy

Unlike sea buckthorn oil, which is known for its universal properties, almond oil “works” mainly for the benefit of the skin. The main advantage of the product is that it is suitable for any type of dermis. There are several recipes for its effective use.

Prepare a small cup of water, put a bottle of oil next to it. Dip a piece of cotton wool or cotton pad in water, squeeze out excess liquid, then drop a couple of drops of oil on the swab, and then wipe your face. This simple procedure has an effect comparable to that of an expensive lotion. You can improve the effect by giving a gentle massage with your fingertips.

Almond oil is excellent for fighting cellulite. To strengthen its action, it is worth adding a few drops of bergamot, as well as citrus oil. Applying the product to the skin will speed up metabolic processes, improve the protective barriers of the skin, make it supple and remove the tired “orange” crust.

Almond oil acts on the skin and as a quality scrub. It is enough to prepare a mixture of a tablespoon of oil, a teaspoon of essential oil and 100 g of coffee. The original mix should be applied to the skin and then massaged for a third of an hour. The mixture is washed off with a contrast shower.

Does almond oil help with stretch marks?

Experts call almond oil from stretch marks for pregnant women one of the best means to prevent their occurrence. Its components help to maintain effective cellular metabolism, so that the stream does not appear. Almond oil actively moisturizes the dermis cells, at the same time strengthening their membranes, thus preventing skin fibres from rupturing.

How to use it?

There are several proven ways of applying almond oil against stretch marks during pregnancy.

It is necessary to mix the orange, geranium and almond esters in equal proportions. The created mixture can be used immediately during pregnancy.

Add 5 drops of lavender ether to 5 tablespoons. The mixture should be applied to the area of stretch marks with a tampon.

Grind the carrot on the grater, add water and then drain the juice. Pour 10 drops of oil into the resulting mass. Rub the mixture daily in the problem areas.


As in the case of coconut oil from stretch marks for pregnant women, almond oil has virtually no contraindications for successful use. However, be careful: it can not be used for individual intolerance. In addition, a strong smell of oil can cause headache, lead to bad and restless sleep and cause nausea.

The result is…

Almond oil is a proven tool that contains a lot of useful substances and components for your body. Use it during pregnancy and ensure your health and beauty.

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