Properties of argan oil

Properties of argan oil

Argan oil can rightly be called a vital element, which is capable of many things. It is used in medicine and cosmetology, added to masks, creams, balsams and shampoos, treat burns and skin diseases, etc. It is thanks to him that women of the East look young for many years and can boast shiny and silky hair.

Argan oil is based on fatty acids, the largest percentage of which is oligo linolium, which slows down the aging process of skin cells. It also contains antioxidants, vitamins, E and A, antibiotics and fungicides.

It is possible to list the advantages of argan oil for a very long time, because it is able to protect the hair from harmful ultraviolet light, high humidity and aggressive environment. At the same time, constant use makes the curls strong, shiny and obedient.

Argan oil is the most expensive oil in the world, it depends not only on its useful properties, but also on the conditions of growing argan. Many women who use this hair care products note that after 2-3 applications the effect is visible. This can boast not every hair care product.

Most women note such pleasant qualities of argan oil, as efficiency (hair length up to the waist is about 10 ml), rapid absorption and versatility.

Medical properties

Moroccan oil is valued for its ability to quickly penetrate into the blood and bones, slows down the process of destruction of tissues in rheumatism and arthritis, helps with problems with the digestive tract. The magic quality of “liquid Moroccan gold” lies in the deceleration of the aging process: massage with the help of the product will strengthen the muscle tissue.

For medical purposes, argan oil is used in diseases of the heart and blood vessels, musculoskeletal system, to eliminate muscle and joint pains, infectious diseases, varicella, diabetes mellitus, Alzheimer’s disease. Useful properties of argan oil help treat dermatological diseases such as eczema, psoriasis, acne, acne. Oil extract is used to quickly restore tissue with scars, burns, scars, abrasions and wounds.

Cosmetological properties

Thanks to the balanced content of nutrients Argan oil protects the hair from adverse factors: ultraviolet radiation and high humidity, intensively moisturizes and nourishes the hair, restores its structure, making it stronger, shinier and more manageable. In addition, regular use of argan oil-based products helps to get rid of dandruff, improves hair growth and slows down the aging process.

In cosmetology it is used for complex skin care, affecting not only the epidermis, but also the dermis. Moisturises the skin, nourishes, protects it from negative environmental influences, removes wrinkles and reduces their depth, stops aging. Argan oil moisturizes cuticle, strengthens nail plate, improves eyebrow and eyelash growth. Hair becomes soft, supple, strong, without bruised ends.

Culinary properties

Argan oil is useful in the kitchen for the same purposes as olive oil and sunflower oil. That is, you can fry it, with it prepare dressing for various salads. Very unusual dressing will happen if you mix argan oil with mustard, and then you should serve this fragrant mixture to grilled meat. Argan oil mixed with basil and sea salt is perfect for tomatoes, and in the company of lemon juice – any fruit salad.

In their homeland, Morocco, this oil is mixed with honey and crushed fried almonds, and then lubricated with pancakes or fresh white bread. This dish is a great breakfast for adults and children, as it energizes and invigorates the whole day. Another option is a mixture of natural yoghurt and argan oil. They can also spray grilled foods such as vegetables, fish, meat and even cheese.

A snack made of chickpea, lemon juice, herbs, salt and argan oil is considered to be very original. All the ingredients need to be punched with a blender, then add a new portion of oil and beaten again. The pasta is spread on bread or served as a sauce to a fresh vegetable slice.

The calorie content of the oil is high – it contains 828 kcal for every 100 g, so do not use it too much.

Effect of argan oil on the body

If you combine everything, you can identify the following actions that the product has on the body:

– regenerating;

– moisturizing;

– painkiller;

– anti-inflammatory;

– toning;

– antioxidant.

Of course, the price of argan oil is high, but if you buy it once, then it is difficult to refuse further purchases. The main thing is to remember that the composition of masks with argan oil should be changed periodically.

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