Use of argan oil for the face

Use of argan oil for the face

Argan oil for the face is a lifeline for fading skin. It is famous for its rejuvenating and anti-inflammatory properties. The natural composition of argans is a dozen useful substances, which are aimed at solving skin problems.

Thus, vitamin E is responsible for the regeneration of damaged cells. Vegetable pigments of polyphenols affect the upper layer of dermis, relieve it of pigmentation and uneven color. Organic acids (lilac and vanilla) have an antiseptic effect on various skin inflammations, including eczema and dermatitis. They also deeply nourish and moisturise the skin.

Thanks to the omega-6 and omega-9 fatty acids, the oil does not leave any sticky marks or greasy gloss. Regular use of argan normalizes cellular and lipid reserves, which are reduced from the use of chemical cosmetics.

Content of substances in argan oil %:
Linoleic acid 80
Tocopherols 10
Polyphenols 10
Use of argan oil for the face

Every morning and evening, apply a few drops of argan oil to the tips of your fingers and gently massage into the skin of the face and neck until it is completely absorbed. The oil deeply moisturizes the skin and makes it supple. Regular use of argan oil prevents the appearance of wrinkles, and in the case of mature skin – helps to reduce them significantly.

Argan oil does not clog the pores of the skin, absorbs very quickly and leaves no greasy marks on the body.

How to use argan oil

The slightly warmed up product is better absorbed, so the jar should be placed in warm water before use. The use of argan oil on clean skin promotes the absorption of trace elements. It is necessary to remove all the remains of cosmetics from the face, use a scrub. Apply warm oil extract to the skin with massage movements. Thanks to the light texture of the product is quickly absorbed, but after 1 hour you need to remove the remains with a paper napkin. Excess oil elixir indicates that the skin has already absorbed the required amount of vitamins.

Mask with argan oil and clay for the face

Mix 1 tbsp of blue clay with 1/2 tbsp of argan oil and 1/2 tbsp of almond oil.
Mixing the ingredients, gradually add warm water to create a paste-like mass according to its consistency.

Apply the formula to a clean face, hold for 15 minutes, rinse off with cool water.
Dry the face with a soft towel and apply a moisturizing cream.

Mask with argan oil against aging face skin

Mix 1 pint of argan oil, 2 pint of peach puree, 1 pint of natural honey, 1 pint of oatmeal, 2 drops of incense essential oil, 2 drops of rose essential oil in a ceramic or glass bowl.

Start the procedure with skin cleansing. Then gently apply, in an even layer, the composition on the face and leave for 30 minutes. Rinse the mask with water at room temperature, dry the face and apply a thin layer of moisturizing cream.

If your skin loses its luster and becomes what is called “boring”, try applying such a mask 3-4 times a week. And try to drink more water. Believe me, very soon your skin will just shine.

Argan oil for problem face skin

The advantage of argan oil is that it is suitable for any type of skin, just find your own recipe. Judging by the reviews on the Internet, for problem skin prepared mask of oil extracts of argan and almond (1 tsp.), blue clay (1 tbsp.). The mixture should be diluted with water to a state of sour cream and applied to the skin. When it dries, rinse off. The procedure should be performed 2 times in 7 days, a whole month. Argan oil for face will help to get rid of peelings, but for this purpose it is necessary to whip with a mixer 1 egg white and mix with 1 tbsp. oil elixir. Apply in layers and rinse after 20 minutes.

Cream with argan oil for the face

Cream with argan oil for the face will help to take care of the skin condition. It is best to use the product separately, apply to certain areas. Argan eyelid cream eliminates wrinkles and gently cares for the skin around the eyes. It can be mixed with a normal cream, which will enhance the properties of both products. To do this, you need to take 1 tsp. argan oil extract and mix with 1 tbsp. usual cosmetics.

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