Use of argan oil in cooking

Use of argan oil in cooking

Argan oil is the most expensive and valuable oil known to mankind. It is used by the best chefs, the best cosmetic companies and is considered a real treasure trove of beauty and health all over the world. This oil is obtained from the seeds of evergreen argan tree, which grows only in Morocco and reaches the respectable age of 200-300 years. The fruits of the argan tree resemble yellow plums, bitter in taste and have up to three bones inside. Moroccan women use stones to break the shell by hand to extract the cherished kernels, and then fry them slightly to obtain a pleasant nut shade in the flavor. The prepared argan seeds are used to produce valuable and nourishing golden-red oil with a spicy, pumpkin-like taste by means of cold pressing.

Argan oil is traditionally used in Moroccan cuisine. It perfectly complements and enriches fish dishes and sauces, gives unique notes to salads and couscous. To preserve the health benefits of the oil, it is best to avoid overheating for a long time and add it at the end of cooking. However, cooking argan oil can also be used for frying, which will give dishes a refined and rich taste. You can buy argan oil from us, which is unrefined, real and completely natural.

Useful properties of argan oil

The oil contains a large amount of vitamin youth – vitamin E, polyunsaturated omega-6 and omega-9 fatty acids, carotenoids, antioxidants;
strengthens the cardiovascular system, reduces the risk of diseases of these organs;
has anti-inflammatory properties;
improves the work of male and female reproductive systems;
helps to strengthen the immune system;
prevents premature aging of the body, has a rejuvenating effect;
reduces the risk of cancer;
has a beneficial effect on vision;
improves the condition of the digestive system;
at external application promotes regeneration of a skin, fast healing of wounds, effectively at skin diseases.

Application in cooking:
is used to dressing salads;
is the basis for a variety of sauces;
enriches fish dishes;
it is added to the couscous;
complements the fruit salads;
can be used for frying;
together with honey and almonds is a part of Moroccan amlu paste, which is used as a stuffing for pancakes and spread on bread.

Caloric content of aragnium crude oil: 100 g contains 892 kcal.

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