Use of argan oil

Use of argan oil

Cosmetology applications

The source of skin health is argan oil in cosmetology. Ecotesting of cosmetics does not harm the environment. Vegetable materials are 100% natural, which reduces the risk of allergic reactions. Organic products created according to Moroccan recipe, delicate, do not cause irritation, do not contain parabens, dyes, chemicals. According to numerous positive reviews of the use of argan oil, indicate its relevance and use in beauty salons, manufacturers of natural cosmetics.

For hair care

Despite the high cost, argan oil is often used in cosmetics, in its pure form it can be purchased at exhibitions or in specialized shops. Such oil can be added not only to hair masks, but also home creams and conditioners.

Application of means on the basis of argan oil will help to get rid of dandruff and dryness of a scalp, will accelerate growth of hair and will prevent section.

Argan oil can be used in its pure form. For this purpose it is enough simply to rub it in damp hair after washing of a head. It is important to remember that unlike most oils, it does not need to be washed away! After a few of these procedures, you will see an amazing result.

With argan oil you can prepare various hair masks that will help strengthen the roots, eliminate dandruff, remove excess fat or, conversely, moisturize and get rid of dryness.

Application for facial skin

The oil helps to rejuvenate the skin and eliminate wrinkles.

It helps soften and moisturise the skin, relieves the feeling of tightness and prevents it from drying out, and relieves irritation of the weathered skin.

It is used to care for the delicate, sensitive skin of the face and around the eyes.

Argan oil for the face is used both in its pure form and as part of masks, compressors or lotions. The main rule is that a few drops of etherol are enough for one treatment. For better penetration into pores, the oil can be slightly warmed up.

Before application, clean the face of cosmetics and steam bath. Remember, masks with argan are not absorbed for more than 30 minutes. Afterwards, clean the face with warm milk or kefir to avoid greasy gloss. If necessary, apply an additional moisturizing cream.

Never rinse the argan oil with chemical wash foams, as this will reduce the entire oil effect to zero.

Dry skin owners are recommended to make masks 2 times a week. For women with normal skin type it is enough to do it once. The course of treatment – 10 procedures, then you need to take a month break.

Application in medicine

In medicine, oil is used for musculoskeletal disorders to relieve muscle and joint pain.

Being a good wound healing agent, argan oil is used to treat wounds, abrasions, burns, prevention of scars and scars (including striae – scars after pregnancy or with significant changes in volume.

Argan oil can be used:
in its purest form,
in mixtures with other fatty oils
as a base oil for creating compositions with natural essential oils,
to enrich cosmetic products such as creams, masks, shampoos and balms.

Application in cooking

Food oil is heat treated, dark in color and taste. The light tint indicates frequent filtration processes. The product should not be exposed to overheating, as it can lose all its useful properties. Traditional Moroccan amlu paste is made of almonds, argan oil, honey and served with bread for breakfast.

The use of argan oil in cooking is popular because of its organoleptic properties. A slight roasting of the fruits of argan tree gives a wonderful taste of hazelnut and almonds. Cooks like to add argan oil to various sauces, fish and couscous. Cosmetic field of application of argan oil is not only to benefit the skin, improve the condition of nails and hair, but also to get rid of stretch marks during pregnancy.

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