What does the price of essential oils depend on?

What does the price of essential oils depend on?

Most often, essential oils are sold in small bottles. Given their small size, the price may seem quite high to you. But the essential oils are so powerful that each time you use them again, you only need a few drops. Therefore, even a small bottle will suffice for a very, very long time; moreover, if you store the essential oil in a dark and cool place, it does not lose its useful properties for years.

If you use it as intended and in the right amount when the first symptoms of the disease, you can achieve recovery in a few days, which ultimately will allow you to avoid much greater costs. You will recover as soon as you open a new bottle!

Thus, aromatherapy at a far from budget prices for a bottle is rather an economical solution to the problem. However, if you spray essential oil in the air, it will certainly run out much faster. For such applications, choose inexpensive essential oils: for example, eucalyptus oil or sweet orange oil, buying them in a larger package – this will be more profitable.

Some essential oils are very expensive, others – acceptable, others – very cheap. How can you explain the difference in price?

The price depends on the rarity. Essential oil is a valuable product, almost an elixir that requires a lot of raw materials, time and special skills to obtain it.

Some particularly valuable essential oils are very rare and therefore are really expensive, but have really wonderful properties. This, for example, applies to essential oils of backgammon, myrrh, angelica, sea kritmuma (sea dill), Greenland rosemary, neroli, damask rose.

The price depends on the content of useful substances. The cost differs not only in the degree of concentration of useful substances in the plant, but also in the time of collection, the belonging of the plant to a particular subspecies, etc. Therefore, it is customary to distinguish plants with a high degree of concentration of useful substances (e.g. carnation: 10 kg of cloves = 1 kg of essential oil) from plants with a low degree of concentration of useful substances (10 kg of oregano or basil = 30 g of essential oil maximum). Here, the palm tree belongs to the rose: only a few grams of essential oils can be obtained from 100 kg of raw materials! Pistachio, frankincense and especially molasses also have a very low concentration of nutrients and are therefore quite expensive.

As a rule, plants from which essential oils are produced do not need much light, but there are exceptions – for example, pine trees in the mountains!

The price depends on the supplier. Prices are set by the supplier, and sometimes significant price differences are explained by the significant difference in quality. You don’t have to buy one immortelle essential oil cheaper than the other: depending on the geographical origin of the plant, it will contain more or less useful active ingredients. So always try to make an informed decision!

The price also depends on the weather conditions and the time of collection. Sometimes there are favourable and unfavourable years for collection. However, this also applies to other plants. For example, the immortelle is harvested in July and August – only two months a year!

Thus, the harvest will not be the best from a mathematical point of view.

In addition, depending on the year of harvest, the difference in the amount of essential oil in the plants can be up to 3 times different. But if the collection was insignificant (due to bad weather conditions in the previous months), the price of essential oil will inevitably increase.

The price depends on the location of the harvest. The composition of the essential oil is determined by the place where the plant grows. For example, French or Corsican essential oils differ from the same essential oils produced in other countries.

It is important to be aware that this is a natural and highly effective product that will have to pay an adequate price for its quality. Essential oils that are too cheap will never have the same useful qualities as expensive, high-quality oils with the same name. Don’t get trapped! You should be aware of the price of essential oils – they can’t be cheap. Essential oils cannot be extracted from all the plants in the world – many of them do not contain enough. This explains the relatively limited amount of essential oils available for sale.

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